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There are persons who just love embroidery on every piece of material, from table cloth to dresses and curtains. They may try hand embroidery which it takes a long time just because they do not trust that a robot can make such beautiful designs, but with today’s modern technology they can sew not an article in a week, but 10 articles in a day. The embroidery sewing machines are the perfect option nowadays even for the biggest designers that expose their creations at the Fashion Week. Janome, Singer and Brother are just three names from the top manufacturers that provide sewing machines with the embroidery option

Brother has a sewing machine that is designed for embroidery exclusively and it is called PE770. Its price is under $600 and it is created to be user friendly. It has as main feature a large embroidery area that offers its user the possibility of sewing large items and combining different designs. The back lit display permits the user to see complex designs. This device it was built with designs that include frame shapes, border styles, floral designs, patterns for quilts and scrollwork. If the user feels the need of importing designs from an external source, he can make it with an USB stick or a memory card. Brother has another model of sewing machine that provides not only embroidery but also sewing, and is called SE400. The manufacturer promotes this machine for its versatility because it offers the user the possibility of embroider, sew and quilt. This model can be found on the market at an approximately price of $400 and creates customized and unique embellishments. This model is perfect for the users who want to personalize home articles.

The Singer manufacturer has a sewing machine that at around $ 580 is perfect for both sewing and embroidery, its name being XL400 Combo. It has features that include built-in lights that permit the user to see his projects and a big embroidery area. This device can read different file types thanks to its embroidery software. Brother also has an embroidery only sewing machine, the PE500 that is made for beginners. It has an LCD touch screen and a library with 70 designs. Its starter kit includes a medium sized hoop, 2 pre-wound bobbins, 3 spools of embroidery thread and 3 stabilizer sheets. It lets the user the possibility of monograming and he can choose from three alphabet styles. For the ones that can purchase an expensive sewing machine Janome 350E can be found on the market at around $ 1,999. The 350E lets its user the possibility of designing beautiful accessories and garments. This model is the most advanced Janome only-embroidery machine, being the best choice when the user wants to monogram pillowcases. It has as accessories an Embroidery Hoop A, an Embroidery Hoop B and a bobbin holder for embroidery. All these three manufacturers have designed sewing machine that can help their user creating the most beautiful embroideries.

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