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Facebook fans from all over the world are eagerly awaiting the release of Facebook Timeline App for iPad, which promises to be one of the coolest applications released on the market at the beginning of this year.  Facebook for ipad is pretty similar to a Facebook profile but it offers the opportunity to place personal images, status updates and interactions on a lifetime that goes all the way back to the moment when a user first opened his Facebook account.

Virtually, it places the entire Facebook social life on a Timeline and thus it is probably the biggest visual overhaul to happen to Facebook since its launch. This Facebook application is expected to be very sought-after, especially due to the fact that it successfully combines the desktop experience with multi-touch features which are possible through the ipad touchscreen display.

When this app will be available on the market, it will enable easy access to friend lists, subscribers and subscriptions and thus Facebook addicts will have the possibility to keep up with their virtual and real-life buddies in real-time. However, Facebook for ipad is a seamless hybrid of the current desktop and iOS version designed to help ipad fans to enjoy their favorite social network at their own peace and convenience.

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