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May - 28 - 2012

New iPad App-Google Catalogs is the new iPad application recently released on the market that enables users to access easily their favorite catalogs. Using Google catalogs they can browse through thousands of pages and find interesting videos and photos. In addition to this, they can also save certain items that draw their attention and create their own portfolio which can be lately shared with friends.

This iPad app is unique and it proves to be very helpful for people who work in certain fields of activity such as fashion or photography. It virtually streamline their work because they can focus better on their tasks without having numerous catalogs in hard copy scattered on the desk. That way, they can create with ease and at the same time find everything they need to put their goals into practice online, such as wholesale jewelry supplies for those who create and design jewelry.

Apart from this, Google Catalogs is an application that comes with many features designed to offer an excellent user experience. It boasts zoom capabilities and many options to view and create personal albums or search through an array of products. Moreover, this mobile device also uses WiFi connections for increased productivity. All its users are more than pleased to use it and they highly recommend it as one of the most interesting and useful applications.

We’d love to hear more tech news like this all the time, and see powerful brands like Google and others coming up with products that are truly useful, and that can make a great impact in people’s lives. This is because by tech news we understand talking about real changes that take place, not just some entertaining product or software.

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