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In the 2.0 era, technology impacts each area of our daily lives, from how we entertain ourselves, to how we eat, and what we eat. There is no wonder that technology is a game changer in the food industry, since cutting-edge software and pieces of equipment are impacting the way in which we interact with our foods, and more than this, are impacting the way in which processing companies are dealing with the way in which they deal with raw materials. Below you will find some ways in which technology is improving the quality of the food we eat.

1. Intelligent software systems for intelligent processing equipment

The food that we eat comes beautifully and smartly packaged, ready to be prepared as you arrive home. But you must know that there is more to the entire process than the packaging process. It all lies in Programvaresystem that allow a full automation of the processing steps, systems that decrease the human handling and interaction with the final product to the bare minimum. This allows the operative team to handle the entire process from an office, while keeping a close eye on the entire process. Not only these software systems allow a safe handling and management of the entire process, but they also allow increased profits by maximizing the usage of the raw materials used. Also, intelligent Kjøtt linjer will allow the manufacturing company to expand their offer, while maintaining the high standard in terms of food quality and safety.

2. Satellite farming or precision agriculture

This is a novelty in terms of agriculture, but this method is anticipated to become widely used in the agriculture sector. This happens because it offers more precision and more opportunities to grow healthier, more luxurious crops than previously. Using a GPS tracking system and satellite imagery, as well as weather tracking systems, this method allows using intelligent software to increase the production. This method will become widely used because the issue of feeding a continuously increasing number of individuals must be addressed. Oftentimes the GPS system and the weather tracking system come together with soil analysis kits in order to maximise the efficiency of this technology. A healthier soil will grow healthier food, and this is how intelligent systems allow us to eat healthier food.

3. Food waste tracking systems

Worldwide, more than 50% of the food purchased by individuals goes to waste. Given the number of a continuously increasing number of people to feed as well as the starvation matter in still developing areas of the globe, the food waste issue must be resolved. However, in the past few years, there has been noticed a decrease of these numbers. Social media awareness and dedicated apps like Leloca are helping people across the world to shop wisely and prevent food waste.

These are some ways in which the advancement of the technology is helping us eat fresher and healthier food, crop wisely and prevent food waste.

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