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It’s no longer a dream, the future is here: we can now enjoy technology in all aspects of our lives, and use it to make them easier and more pleasant. For hundreds of years, perhaps even thousands, writers, visionaries and creators imagined a future when machines would work for our every whim, when even the smallest task would be completed automatically, thus enabling us to enjoy more free time and live life to the fullest. A need for such “machines” became even more apparent in the 20th century, and escalated in the 21st, because work hours are longer and life is fuller with opportunities than ever. So who would like to spend their little spare time washing clothes and dishes, or dealing with other tasks and responsibilities?

Now we barely have to worry about these mundane chores, because technology does all that, under our supervision. We already have machines that cook and wash for us, but we still waste time by hanging around them to make sure everything goes accordingly. This, however, won’t go on for long, now that we have applications that allow us to monitor and supervise our appliances remotely, through a mobile device, no matter where we are. One of these programs is a dishwasher application called RinseNRelay, and it is an Apple app devised for iPhones, iPads, MACs, but for other types of smartphones and appliances as well. Some of the most advanced dishwashers have the ability to connect to the internet, as shown at, thus enabling for remote control via the app, something that maximizes their functionality.

One you install RinseNRelay on your phone, you connect it via WiFi to a dishwasher which is compatible with this kind of software, and you can control almost anything. The interesting thing is that you can share the app, or connect it to your family members as well, or to your roommates, and create a schedule. That way, everyone will know when it’s their time on the roster to do the dishes, and there won’t be any more arguments or misunderstandings. You just load the dishes before going out, and through your phone, set the correct wash program and turn it on while you’re away, so by the time you come back, everything is done.

The RinseNRelay app also allows you to check the status on your dishwasher, to see whether it’s running according to plan, or how much time you have left until it is done. Some of you might not find a use in this app, but there are also people with very busy schedules which have a hard time keeping track of all their tasks and responsibilities; students, or people who have roommates in general, can avoid discussions over who has to wash the dishes next time because RinseNRelay allows them to create a straightforward schedule that anyone can follow. So, if your old dishwasher is showing signs of old age, you should look for one of the best dishwashers made in 2015. Find a state of the art dishwasher that is compatible with this app in order to save time. A New dishwasher will also be more efficient from an energy consumption point of view.

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