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Houseplants beautify your home and have real health benefits. Once you have chosen your houseplants, it’s important to know how to take care of them. With a little work and some care, you can have healthy and beautiful plants all the time. If you need extra help, we suggest to take a look at these innovative and efficient devices, designed to help you take care of your houseplants.

Led Grow Lights

These devices are great for growing seedling indoors, until they are strong enough to be planted outdoors. If you take a look at some of the best indoor led grow lights reviews, you will see that there are also some complex led light systems that can be used in order to support the whole growing process of plants. These are called full spectrum led grow lights and they can be adjusted to provide the best type of light for the blooming period but also for the growing period.

Most led lamps are designed either for the growing period or the blooming period, but full spectrum led grow lights can be used throughout the plant’s whole growing cycle. They are mostly used in greenhouses, but they can also be used by the common people at home, given the fact that they are quite affordable. If you are a fan of tropical plants, a led grow light could help you grow such plants indoors. If this sounds like something that would be of interest to you, search the web for the best indoor led grow lights reviews and choose a system which suits the needs of your houseplants.

Flower Power

Parrot is a French electronics companies which designed a great device, called the Flower Power. This device allows you to monitor and keep track of the health and needs of your houseplants. The Flower Power is designed like a small branch that needs to be inserted into the soil of your houseplants. In order to determine which are the best and safest conditions suited for your plant development, the Flower Power monitors the sunlight, fertilizer, humidity level, temperature and moisture. You will receive information directly on your smartphone, via an application which has a data base of almost 6,000 species of plants.

Koubachi water system

This smart watering system lets you know when it’s the proper time to water your houseplants. Also, it automatically conforms to weather conditions and soil moisture. This device is easy to install and to use because it doesn’t need any type of programming. Furthermore, the system can be controlled from anywhere. A great feature of this smart system besides letting you know when to water your plants, is the fact that it can turn on/off water so your plants receive just the needed amount of water.

Pet Plant

Houseplants have different needs and it’s difficult to determine by yourself when it’s the proper time to water them or what kind of fertilizer is needed or how much light they should really get. Designer Junyi Heo has created the Pet Plant, a device that lets you know what your plants need via pictograms on the LCD panel. This is a great device to have in your house, especially if you just started taking care of your houseplants, because it measures the humidity, moisture, conditions of soil and even the temperature.

Parrot Pot

Parrot Pot is a vase that features a outer reservoir that has to be filled with water. This device has a fertilizer and moisture sensor on the inside and a light sensor on the outside. The application will let you know when is the time to water or fertilize the houseplant. In addition, the system automatically waters the plants as needed.

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