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STRD LLC is proud to state that with the help of their application programming interface they can offer their clients information about every one of the stages of the order fulfilment process. When they collaborate with another business, they use API to personalise the other’s operations and to connect them with supplies or shopping carts. API can be used for multiple purposes when working in the order fulfilment industry.

The Order API feature is designed to help STRD LLC’s clients to access information regarding their orders. They can monitor, update, change and cancel their order, or they can add new orders with the help of a simple interface. The same application can also be used for managing the orders of the clients. The company collaborating with STRD LLC selects the order they want to review and they find out details about the products their clients ordered, they can check and change the invoices and packing slips, and they can also access tracking information.

Another feature the application includes is the Stock API that helps companies manage their inventory. They can access all the information regarding their operations and all the data can be accessed with a simple click. The company can search their products by using the vendor, the SKU’s or the product number. Not only the company but also their clients can benefit from this feature, because it sends them regular updates on the state of the stock.

All the companies that deliver products need a strategy to handle returns, and STRD LLC understands this aspect better than any other order fulfilment provider on the market. They have designed their API to make the return process simple and their partners to no longer repel it. The company can easily check the returns and identify their potential issues. For further information about this feature, it is advisable to check the official website of the company because it offers complete information. The Notifications API feature allows clients to sign up if they want to receive updates on their orders and workflow events.

The role of the API is to make the clients feel like they are in the warehouse; they know exactly where the parcel is. Depending on the preferences of the buyer, the API can offer them different features, because all the subscriptions are highly flexible. The clients who are interested in getting a customised offer should contact STRD LLC to find out more about their offers.

When using the services offered by this order fulfilment provider companies also have access to professional and experienced staff. STRD LLC have their warehouses distributed in every state so the client does not have to buy or rent a commercial space. They can save money and time, because having a warehouse implies hiring staff, buying tools and equipment. STRD LLC does all of these things and the company only has to make sure they provide their clients high-quality products to retain them and convert them into loyal customers.

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