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The Weather Channel iPad

January - 19 - 2012

The Weather Channel iPad is one of the most appealing applications designed to keep iPad users informed about the weather conditions in their living area. It manage to combine successfully the expertise of more than 200 meteorologists with nice graphics and many innovative features in order to provide a product that can definitely embellish the day of any user. Although it has a controversial story behind, Weather Channel for iPad has been updated and all the issues reported by users have been solved.


The review process of Weather Channel gave rise to a new product which boasts a variety of new features, including animation features, that look even more appealing. Basically, this application offers smooth HD photo backgrounds which depict the current weather conditions of the city as well as the temperature which is displayed in the upper corner. Moreover, you have the possibility to choose several favorite cities and find out specific details about them just navigating from one side to another of the screen. Apart from this, you can enjoy a spinning globe showcasing pieces of information about the world’s weather and a range of maps which can be customized and displayed on the full screen. The Weather Channel iPad also provides you an in-motion radar map along with the latest news and expert opinions about the weather conditions. One of the most interesting options is that you can set up alerts for certain areas in case of harsh weather.

The original Weather Channel was pretty noteworthy and yet it needed certain improvements in terms of crashing, slowness and low performance. Therefore, the new application doesn’t have crash issues or bugs for maps and apart from this, it doesn’t take too much space. The problems with interrupted music have also been solved and people who travel a lot can now fully enjoy the Weather Channel iPad because it looks really great and it is very helpful. They can take advantage of a new section which is well organized and showcased in a grid-like layout with a new Twitter integration. The video section is located in the upper section of the display  and the general weather conditions are presented through an animated horizon image  while the user has the possibility to show or hide the next forecast with a simple tab. Moreover, the upcoming cloud cover and storms can be seen with 3-D visuals which offer a very interesting user experience.

A very interesting aspect when it comes to Weather Channel is that it is compatible with iOS 4.2 and sometimes it is even available for free download in the Apple store. There is a growing number of people who choose this application due to the credibility and accuracy of the experts because it can be used as a reliable instrument that can help them plan their activities and have a better time management.

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