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People nowadays are having a special relationship with their smart devices, mainly because they store pretty much plenty of personal data. However, over the years, these little smart devices we own end up eating quite a good part of our finances. Chargers, screen replacement, or even smartphone replacements cost plenty of money, money that in many cases, people could avoid spending. But what does one need to do when their beloved iPhone charger gets lost? Well, replacing it with a great dupe like those you can find at is a great start for a budget-friendly investment. This and more, you will find out in the following paragraphs.

1. Alternate charging cables

We all know how expensive replacing a lost or damaged iPhone or iPad charger might be. This, however, doesn’t prevent many from buying branded products, because many think that replicas come in a poor quality. Thing is, there are many great replicas, some with better qualities than the original ones have, and they are considerably more affordable than those. Alternate charging cables, if chosen carefully, will provide the same charging power, and luckily, they are longer than the obnoxiously short original iPhone or iPad cables. These products’ wiring is similar to the originals and as a result, they are highly compatible with these smart devices. Also, up until now, users of dupes seem to be very pleased with them. This is one of the many ways in which you can make sure you don’t overspend on your beloved smart device.

2. Invest in a sturdy case

You know that second in which your heart skips a beat because you’ve just dropped your smartphone on the floor. We’ve all been there, and that is not a pleasant feeling. However, if you want to make sure that your phone won’t be severely damaged in these situations, specialists advise us to invest in a sturdy smartphone case. A bumper would work wonders, only make sure to invest in a more qualitative product. This will certainly save you plenty of money in the future.

3. Make sure that your smartphone doesn’t get stolen

The greatest method you could use if you want not to invest in a new smartphone, is by making sure that it doesn’t get stolen or lost. Or, if it does, that it will be shortly returned to your loving and careful arms. First, make sure to set a strong password, a combination of eight letters, symbols and numbers, so nobody could access your data. Alternatively, a print would be a great security method. Also, set a “find my phone” app and you will be able to locate your device wherever it might be. In some cases, if you lose your smart device, people might be willing to return it, as a sign of compassion, and for those cases, attaching a small note with your e-mail address or phone number might be ideal.

These are three of the easiest ways you can make sure that you won’t end up spending a fortune of accessories or even a new smartphone. Apply them!

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