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Trispecs Bluetooth Sunglasses

December - 5 - 2011

Over the past few years the bluetooth headset has become very popular because of the laws which ban people from using the phone while driving, to be more exact you are not allowed to hold your phone next to your ears while you are at the wheel. The majority of bluetooth headsets are mono simply because phone conversations are mono. Today two softwares have been created: Advanced Audio Distribution also known as A2DP profile and the remote control profile AVRCP  which means Audio/Video Remote Control Profile. With the help of these two we are able to take advantage of the stereo music which many mobile phones offer us wireless. To add more style to these bluetooth Trispects have invented the Bluetooth Sunglasses.

Basically the Trispects Bluetooth Sunglasses are sun glasses which are equipped with cell phone support and wireless music. You can find them in many different colors both for men and women. They are very easy to wear because they are very light. The lenses are made by a specialized company called Carl Zeiss Vision.

If you have never used bluetooth headsets then you will need some time in order to adjust. On the other hand if you have had some experience with bluetooth headsets you will see that they are simple to adjust. After you have finished setting up your headset you can use the sun glasses anywhere. One last thing you have to do is turn on the bluetooth on the sun glasses and turn the bluetooth on, on your cell phone.

You can do the following things with your glasses:

  • you can turn the volume up or down
  • you can play next or previous if you are listening to music
  •  you can have full control of the specs

Here are some instructions on how to use the sunglasses:

  • to turn on the glasses all you have to do is pull out the right earpiece
  • press the call button until the led turns solid red on the right arm
  • next you have to turn on the bluetooth in order to connect with the phone
  • the phone has to detect a bluetooth called eye wear
  • select the eye wear and write in the password which is 0000

After you have done all of this thing you can start listening to music and receive phone calls. You can enjoy the road and be safe.

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