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UpNext HD Maps

April - 9 - 2012

UpNext changes the concept as well as the use of maps on ipad. Maps apps boasts some of the most appealing features taking mapping to a higher level. Now ipad users can enjoy fully searchable and tappable 3D maps for over than fifty cities from the United States. The variety of cities includes New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, to name just a few. The interesting aspect is that these ipad maps will soon boast new cities attracting a growing number of ipad fans from throughout the United States.

UpNext HD Maps are interactive and rich in visual details. These smooth maps apps allow users to explore easily various cities in order to find out interesting things about various places or to stay tuned for everything that happens new in their city.

iPad maps represent a futuristic method of searching for nightlife, dinning, shopping or recreation and in addition, they work great as a deal finder, providing the possibility to find the best deals in town without any hassle and save them in a Deal Wallet for later use. Not to mention that using maps apps iPad fans can socialize and virtually see which are the hottest locations in town!

The variety of features, which also includes an integrated Foursquare, are always available to the user, even when there is not a wireless connection so as long as the city is listed, it can be explored at the peace and convenience of the each and every user.

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