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World of Goo HD iPad App

February - 28 - 2012

The world of goo is already a popular game but now ipad users have the opportunity to enjoy this physics puzzler on their favorite mobile devices. The new application is designed by 2D Boy and keeps the main idea of the original game about building towers with goo globules. This is possible by transporting the goo through pipes and toward to levels. In addition, World of Goo HD iPad App is also the gift to fans on the 5th anniversary of the World of Goo and it manages to be as beautiful and interesting as the first time. It seems to be the perfect match for the ipad interface and the best proof is the wide range of awards received.

This is one of the games for the ipad which enjoys a remarkable number of fans worldwide and gives raise to massive online competition. Players from all over the world enroll  in a living leaderboard to build the tallest towers of goo in World of Goo Corporation’s mysterious sandbox. Everyone who appreciates a good game as well as physics puzzlers will enjoy the variety of mysterious levels and the adventures provided.

Virtually each level of the world of goo requires players to build structures and solve puzzles by connecting different types of goo balls in various fashions,  such as bridges, cannonballs, zeppelins and giant tongues The intriguing part is that goo balls react differently and thus it is a challenge to get them into a vacuum tube where they can escape.

There is no doubt that World of Goo HD iPad App is an addictive game that offers many moments of challenge, enjoyment and frustration for all those who are curious to explore the world of goo.


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