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The tech sector is known for innovation. And with innovation, you get an endless pool of intellectual property claims, patents, and lawsuits.

If you’re in the tech industry, it’s best you learn about intellectual property. Especially if you’re a startup tech business, or a company that relies heavily on innovation.

Research and Development Drive Tech.

The tech industry cannot survive without research and development.

Evidence of that can be seen from UNESCO’S R&D report, showing that R&D spending has exceeded $1.7 trillion globally.

But all that investment in research is problematic when you don’t invest enough in protection. After all, what use is it spending on innovation if someone else copies your idea for free?

Even Worse…

Why take a risk manufacturing and distributing a product if it’s already patented?

You see, patents matter a lot in the tech industry. Major tech companies spend significant amounts of money acquiring and filing patents…

This is mainly to protect their own production, while blocking competition. For example, past 2012, Facebook has skyrocketed its acquisition of patents by from less than 100 to 1400 patent assets. And this was just 1 company, making acquisition decisions in 2012. Many global tech companies follow similar procedures. Those companies understand the importance of smooth production, while avoiding infringement lawsuits.

The Consequences of IP Lawsuits in Tech

Lawsuits between big companies can be brutal, as history has shown before.

An excellent example would be the longstanding battle between Oracle and Google.

The lawsuit involved Google’s use of 11,500 lines of Java code, which according to Oracle, exceeded fair-use.

And how much did Oracle want for damages? Up to $9 billion. Now, Google did get away from the lawsuit – temporarily. This was back in 2012, where a series of back and forth appeals eventually landed Oracle a win. And that win came in 2018. So the lawsuit lasted for 6 years, which is a long financial burden to endure.

Massive Risks.

A major financial loss can result from a bad understanding of IP laws. And a small tech business in such a position would be in financial hell. A small tech business cannot afford a major IP lawsuit. And it might have to pay out damages that’ll sink the business. As you can see, understanding IP rights in the tech industry matters. And avoiding right infringements while operating your business deeply matters…

As a Tech Business – What Are My Options?

Large tech corporations have enough resources to afford their own IP departments and officers. But if you’re a small business, that might not be the case. Instead, you should seek the consultation of experienced lawyers in the field. You see, the domain of intellectual property is a large one.

Understanding the Details.

IP law is one fraught with vagueness, as you can’t exactly define “intellectual property,” the same way you can define “physical property.”

As an example, we can go back to the Oracle and Google lawsuit. The main reason why Google got away in 2012 was because it claimed fair use of Oracle’s API code… Now, a lot of tech entrepreneurs might not be aware of fair use laws. And they might not be aware of how far fair use extends. Additionally, fair use differs between countries and regions. For example, IP protection Essex laws differ from those in say, the US state of New York. So you need the advice of an experienced lawyer to guide you away from infringements.

What Services do IP Law Firms Provide?

IP protection Essex lawyers provide a variety of services, including…

Trademark and Brand Protection Advice: With the help of an experienced lawyer, you can protect your brand’s name and logo from use by other individuals.

This’ll help you distinguish yourself from competition. You can go after those who want your name’s selling power without credit.

Advice of Trade Secrets and Unregistered Designs: Trade secrets involve competitive knowledge that you desire to keep away from the public.

As with unregistered designs, you can go after those replicating your products without licensing. It also gives you some control possession and import of the product.

Paperwork of Patents and Registered Designs: This may be your main reason for visiting an IP law firm. IP lawyers are experienced with handling patent and registered design paperwork.

They’ll guide you through the steps of legally controlling a product, invention, or design!

Many More Services.

With IP tech lawyers, you can get a lot of services. Those may include setting IP strategies, to innovation consulting, and renewing patents.

Be sure to contact an IP lawyer, and protect your tech business now!



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