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Angry Birds iPad App

February - 24 - 2012

Angry birds for ipad is probably one of the most popular and highly appreciated applications that offers many hours of addictive gameplay as well as provocative physics-based castle demolition and lots of replay value. The aim of this game is to help angry birds survive and get revenge of the green pigs who stole their eggs. The pigs advance and on each level they are protected by structures made of various materials and using a slingshot, players must launch the birds with the intend of eliminating all the pigs, be it directly or destroying the structures.

As they advance, they are more and more additional elements that can be used along with the birds in order to destroy the pigs. Players are simply captivated by angry birds game and they involve  logic, skill as well as brute force to eliminate the enemy. The interesting part is that angry birds for ipad boasts various types of birds and as the player advances throughout the game, there are additional types of birds which become available making the game more interesting and also more captivating.

In addition to seamless and brightly colored graphics, players can also enjoy 15 amazing levels, set in 5 mini episodes which have been designed for Angry Birds HD free. Typically, the levels difficulties increase throughout the game while players are flooding to all the interesting surprises provided.

However, angry birds for ipad is a strategic game that boasts a successful combination between addictive gameplay and comical style.

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