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Technology has made it easier for people to broadcast text, images, sound and of course video. Thanks to video-sharing sites, you can distribute your video clips and get exposure on the Web. Moreover, you can watch and download films. If you are interested in sharing your gameplay highlights, you should upload your film to a video-hosting website like DingIt.TV. Video-hosting platforms give people the opportunity to display their work without much difficulty. Why host your own content when you can place it on a sharing site? There are many benefits to using a video hosting service.

Getting your videos online faster

It is very possible to self-host your own videos, but it is not a good idea. You need a content distribution network, content management system, and visual multimedia encoding service. As you can see, it takes a lot to upload a film. If you do not have this kind of infrastructure in place, it is better to use a video-sharing service. The online platform takes care of all this for you. Even if the content takes a little bit longer to load, the viewing experience is excellent.

Greater exposure

Video-hosting sites provide great levels of exposure. Large volumes of traffic are present on websites of this kind. Films posted on video-sharing sites have millions of viewers, so you can be sure that they are traffic-getting machines. If you want to get attention and interest from the public, all you have to do is upload your content on a popular video-sharing site on the Internet. The world will get the chance to see how talented you are at playing eSports. When you post a video of you playing games or eSports, you have a real chance of coming up when a user googles this topic even if they are not looking specifically for you.   

Socializing through videos

The main purpose of video-hosting sites is to make available content and allow users to share quality films. Through video sharing, you can connect with other people and share your experiences. Practically, you are giving a helping hand to people who have trouble with certain games. They will see you laying their favourite games before actually plying themselves. Some online platforms have a full featured chat functionality, which means that you can communicate with people who have the same passions as you.

Easy to use

Not only do video-hosting websites facilitate sharing content, but also they make things easier. As long as you follow the guidelines, your will not encounter difficulties. On the contrary, your film will be uploaded in a few minutes. You can upload the video via your computer or smartphone.  It is that simple. Obviously, in order to submit a video clip, you have to create an account. For watching visual multimedia, you do not have to register.

Video-sharing websites offer many benefits, like ease of use, socialization and exposure. However, the greatest benefit offered by video-hosting websites is the fact that the content is open to the public, meaning that your chances of becoming viral are strong. Do you still think that hosting your own videos is a good idea?

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