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Keeping an eye on the computer network often means administrating it as it’s an integral part of the network management . A person who administrates a computer network often has to:

  • Install and investigate software products on the network;
  • Execute and administrate the backups;
  • Troubleshoot and fix the problems;
  • Provide identification for the users who have the right to use the computer network;
  • Keep his eyes on the network safety (detect all possible intrusions);
  • Create technical documentation such as diagrams, reports and etc. about the work of the network.

The scale of job duties called a network administrating depends greatly on the size of the company where this work must be done. For instance, when a network manager of a big company administrates the network, he often has to deal with routers, firewalls, VPN gateways and etc. An employee of the smaller company has far many job duties and is often involved in the installation and maintenance of the software products, managing user accounts and desktop support.

Though a network administrating can be defined in various ways, it’s always extremely important that it should be done correctly. So what are the main problems and solutions for the network administrating?

The Main Computer Network Administrating Challenges

A network administrating doesn’t seem to be a complicated job, it does have its own cons, and, today, we’re going to speak about them.

A recent survey made among the network administrators has shown that most of them are really busy during their working day. The number of duties and tasks they have to fulfill is enormous, but their working time is limited.

Some network managers also complain about the amount of devices they have to manage at the same time. For instance, in some enterprises, a small deployment team has to manage a computer network in three locations at once. It seems to be a complicated job, isn’t it?

Finally, the work of the network administrator can be tangled by the number of the users who have access to the network and who can make changes on it.

The Main Computer Network Solutions

Though the number of network administrating challenges isn’t a small one, it’s really easy to do this job once you use a special tool. For instance, you may try your hands with Total Software Deployment (TDS).

It’s a special product designed for managing programs on the network. When you use TDS, you completely automatize the process of deploying new software and detecting the programs on your network. The necessary configurations can be done only once and the installation and detecting process can be repeated on the regular basis.

TDS can also scan the network to detect and keep the information about every single machine connected into it. The network administrator can use the results of the scanning process for making reports about the network he manages.

Once you’ve got interested in using TDS, visit the Total Software Deployment official website and get the entire information there.

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