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Contrary to common belief, years ago filming a movie and making a video file was easier than it is nowadays, and the reason is simple: the limited options. The lack of tools, devices and extras made everything less complex and less confusing to people. If you wanted to film a short video, then you knew exactly which machine you had to use and also how you could watch the video, because there were few options in terms of devices. Besides facilitating a lot of things, the evolution of technology has also complicated some processes from the digital world. Nowadays, you have to choose from various formats, codes and file extensions, which can actually be difficult for those who are mere amateurs. Taking into consideration all this diversity, you may no longer be able to choose the best video format without reading a bit in advance and informing yourself about each option. Even if you do so, you may eventually have to download free video converter and modify your files, because some devices may not be compatible with their original format. Fortunately, there are plenty of free options available on the internet, so from this point of view, there is nothing to worry about.

Which is the best format?

There is no problem with the formats; the actual problem is that you have too many options, each of them having its advantages and drawbacks. After evaluating each of these, everyone who wants to make a video can choose whichever they want, because we cannot speak of the “best” format, but rather about the most suitable one, which in most circumstances is MP4. Even if your video should meet certain criteria, you have to keep in mind that no matter which is your final choice; there might be some devices that will not be able to play your video unless it is in the most common video format. This means that eventually, you will have to use a specialized converter, so focus part of your attention on finding a good one.


Which are the things you must keep in mind?

To begin with, you have to be aware of how much flexibility you need and also of the storage space occupied by the file. For this reason, you have to find the answer to a series of questions. For instance, since some exclusivist devices cannot support certain formats such  as WMV or AVI, you should know in advance the target audience and also the technology used. Furthermore, watching a movie online is different from watching it offline, because the speed of the internet connection plays an important role for the first one. In addition to this, you have to choose a format that can support compression without major data loss, because some users may want to save some storage space by shrinking the video without noticeable quality difference in the video.


Why can’t some devices play just any video?

Each file consists of the container format and the video and audio codec used inside – a series of code allowing programs and devices to encode the image and sound information and decode it when the file is played back. Some devices are not compatible with some codecs and lack the right video player to play back videos encoded in certain formats, which is why different errors may appear. As far as video files are concerned, you can always use a free video converter – if you are lucky, you can find one that is not only free, but also very easy to use.

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