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Recent developments in the engineering industry are due to disrupting the way in which technology and manufacturing are impacting our daily lives. Some of these technologies, like power control panels and 3D manufacturing have already forcefully entered our lives and the benefits brought to the large audience but also more specific fields and industries are undeniable. Below is a short list of amazing technologies that have shaped the world I the past few years but are also due to change it in 2018.

3D manufacturing

Also known as additive manufacturing or 3D printing, this method is based on cutting-edge technologies that allow engineers and manufacturers develop new, more durable and cost-effective products and other technologies. In the beginning, this technology was widely used for prototyping, but currently, the technology is finding its secure way in production applications. In 2018, this technology is expected to penetrate even more the aerospace and automotive industry, which will turn production costs on a descending trend, but also making production elements more durable and safe in the long run.

Low voltage switchboards

Some low voltage switchboards manufacturers pride themselves with cutting-edge innovations that are able to deliver carefully developed engineering solutions that are able to meet the highest standards in the industry. With incredible quality levels when it comes to built and components, further developments in the industry are expected to appear on the market in 2018 and make the tasks of various engineering industries significantly easier.

Automatic power generation control boards

The power industry can pride itself with some cutting-edge technologies when it comes to automatic power generation control boards and with bespoke technologies applicable at a large scale. These control boards allow a better function of the whole energy generation processes, making it more secure and cost-effective for the big players in the industry.

Better construction materials

The construction industry can also pride itself on some cutting-edge technologies when it comes new construction materials. Adapted sheet metal is an astounding breakthrough in the construction industry, but more importantly than this, the way in which it is used. Prefabricated seem to take a new path in 2018, and some builders and construction teams couldn’t be happier for this. 

Energy efficiency developments

Solar panel and wind energy are on the energy industry for quite some time. However, recent developments allow more people to use these types of energy, but also the way they use energy in general. Some intricate carbon dioxide sensors installed currently in office buildings have the ability to detect human presence and adjust usual functions such as ventilation and electricity.

These intricate innovations make possible a more sustainable development of our society but also a wide range of engineering industries. While their penetration in our daily lives is not fully achieved, these can really turn the odds into our favour when it comes to urbanization and sustainability. And all these, thanks to well-rounded and skilled mechanical and electrical engineers that are always able to deliver better than expected results.

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