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Elevated Math for iPad

March - 24 - 2012

Elevated Math for iPad is an innovative math app that takes middle school mathematics to a higher level. The program is packed with over 150 lessons and covers a variety of topics, including algebra, geometry, place value, probability, estimation, SAT and many others. Overall there are about two years of math instruction that keep the students engaged providing them the opportunity to  learn at their own peace and convenience. This is just one of the plethora of educational apps which highlight huge potential of ipad as a learning/ teaching tool.

This revolutionary math app welcomes students with brightly colored graphics, cartoon animations, multiple voices and a whiteboard for working out math problems. The remarkable number of lessons are structured into five math standards according to the National Council of Teachers, state departments of education and the Common Core State Standards. The lessons include:numbers and operations, geometry, algebra, measurement, data analysis and probability.

In addition, students can also purchase complementary lessons and take advantage of the variety of free materials, including career-oriented live-action videos designed to help them find answers to numerous questions. Educational apps make learning easy and pleasant  and apart from this, it has over 15, 000 interactions that offer students immediate feedback for each lesson.

They will love this ipad math app because they will understand the benefits of learning all those lessons and thus, they will have a higher commitment regarding the learning process. This is not just an appealing application but also a highly efficient instrument that offers a new and interesting learning experience.

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