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Since it is the 21st century, almost everything from cell phones to laptops is wireless. Wiring is considered redundant for speakers as well. Without wires, speakers look undoubtedly more appealing and sophisticated and the popularity of these wireless Bluetooth devices has increased to the point that the market is literally full of them. If wireless Bluetooth speakers do not wow you with their design, then levitating Bluetooth speakers will. These cutting-edge devices actually rise into the air to deliver robust audio. Each model brings certain advantages and sites like certainly make the dictions making process easier. What you should keep in mind is that these gravity defying speakers allow you to enjoy the media available on your smartphone and you can also take it with you everywhere.

The basics of Bluetooth technology

Generally speaking, speaker require a cable to link them to an audio source. On the other hand, Bluetooth speakers are not limited by physical cables because they rely on Bluetooth technology which implies the transfer of signals from one source to the other without having to use wires. What happens is that data is exchanged over a small distance using short radio waves. Levitating Bluetooth speakers work in the same way, the only visible difference being that the speaker rises in the air. Similar to other portable speakers, levitating ones connect directly to the source, that is the smartphone or tablet. The technology is not the same thing as Wi-Fi. Bluetooth devices, whether levitating or not, offer superior audio quality.

Using a levitating speaker is child’s play

Pairing your smartphone or tablet with the levitating Bluetooth speaker is one of the simplest operations you can perform. All you have to do is connect the two devices and turn on the speaker. Once you do this, you can listen to your favorite songs for hours at an end. After the initial pair, the device will always recognize your phone when it is in range. You can stream music, listen to stored audio like movie soundtracks. The only thing you should remember is that although floating Bluetooth speakers are wireless, you will still need to connect the base to a power source. However, you are able to use the speaker on its own because it runs on batteries.

High amount of portability

Floating Bluetooth speakers allow you to enjoy a great amount of music, but also a high amount of portability. The speaker easily connects to your device and it will run as long as you keep the device in its range. But is this all you can do with a floating Bluetooth speaker? In fact, it is not. You can also take the audio system outside. For instance, you can enjoy music while sitting in a park, or you can think about bringing the device on with you on your trip. Levitating Bluetooth speakers are so lightweight that you can take them just about anywhere and the good news is that the batteries will keep the speaker running for a long time.


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