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Essential Gadgets for Your Car

September - 21 - 2014

Nowadays, the car has become an indispensable item in your life, as you use it to travel from one place to another, you go to work or to the market by car daily. At some point, you get to see the tiniest flaws in the design of the vehicle, or declare that you are not satisfied with the car’s features. In order to resolve these shortcomings, you can install several gadgets on your car.
As you change or you add features to a desktop configuration, or you accessorize your laptop or the smartphone, why not do the same with your car, thus improving the driving experience? Don’t think about LED s, stickers or coffee holders, but Bluetooth, GPS systems, radars or parking sensors. Several customer radar detector reviews show that these car improvements bring extra value to the car and increase the driving comfort and safety.

A gadget that reduces fuel consumption

This toy coming from the Japanese is called Automatic and it is very simple to use. You only need to connect it to your car’s OBD port, then it will send to your smart-phone all the information you need, whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone. The device uses the smartphone’s GPS to locate the car, if you forgot where you left it in the parking lot and the same function monitors the route followed and warns you if you go too fast or if you suddenly accelerate or push the breaks. The application can keep track of the fuel fill-ups and will tell you how you can save fuel if you change your driving style. Automatic can also work as a car tester which reads the error codes on your car and lets you know if there is something wrong.

iRadar detects the radars on your route

Another interesting gadget designed for iPhone owners is iRadar. This is a small radar detector about 35% smaller than a normal radar detector that connects to smartphones and monitors the radar existing along the route, making cross-reference between the GPS map, the data signal which it detects and alerts you receive from social networks, but can also distribute radar locations on a web portal. According to some customer radar detector reviews, this device is effective and can help you save a lot of money by saving you from speeding tickets.

Useful parking sensors

Parking sensors are attached to the rear bumper, the central unit is installed in the trunk away from moist and the display is mounted on the dashboard. The sensors automatically detect obstacles and a light indicator directs you left or right, in order to achieve a perfect parking. This device is perfect for narrow parking spaces or at night when visibility is poor.

Get the traffic incidents on tape with Dash Cam

This is a recording camera designed for recording the traffic that you mount on the windshield and it allows you to catch on tape possible accidents, disrespectful drivers, violent drivers or any other traffic incident. The famous Russian accidents you can see on the internet are recorded with this type of cameras. The format of the recorded images is “.avi”, the storage capacity is set on a memory card up to 32 GB, the recording angle is 120 degrees and the battery’s life is 3-4 hours.

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