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Metal detecting is an activity that has become very popular in the past years. The evolution of technology has also contributed to this, since it enabled those passionate about this to use more and more performing gadgets. Metal detectors are mechanical instruments that can locate different types of objects made of metal, which have been discarded or buried underground. In order for you to get great results and make the best out of your metal detecting experience, you must select the most suitable device on the market. Use a site such as to find out relevant details. There are plenty of brans and models available, which is why you need to inform yourself before actually purchasing one. Each product has different functions, but there are some main features you should be looking for when buying a metal detector. Here are some of the most relevant ones:

  1. Sensitivity

Sensitivity is extremely important, since it determines what you should use the detector for. A device with high frequencies is the best choice in case you want to find light metal or objects buried closer to the surface of the ground, in the topsoil. Metal detectors which have a lower operating frequency are more performing, being able to penetrate deeper into the ground. This means they are perfect of experienced searchers, since they are suitable for detecting larger items. In addition to this, if what you are looking for is precious metals (particularly gold), then you need to focus your attention on a product with a frequency between 6.4kHz and 20kHz. Make sure the device you choose allows you to adjust sensitivity, which is likely to vary depending on several conditions: density and mineral condition of the ground, type of metal searched or the presence of power transformers nearby.

  1. Radar

If a metal detector has ground penetrating radar, it means that it is also able to establish the size and density of the object it finds. This is quite useful, because it can streamline the searching process a lot: you will not waste time checking all the objects it finds; only those that meet your criteria. The feature is particularly efficient for experienced searchers, also known as “treasure hunters”. Taking into consideration that this special function speeds up searching and increases your chances to find a valuable objects, you will not find it in all detectors, only in those recommended to professionals.

  1. Discrimination

Discrimination is the feature that enables the metal detector to distinguish between the target and other random objects, as well as between several types of metals. This function is one you will probably find in most modern models, so a general recommendation would be to avoid a product that does not have it. Buying such an item will be a complete waste of time, energy and money. Discrimination works on a simple process: metals produce certain magnetic responses, and the detector will identify them and establish whether these come from a worth it object or not.

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