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If you have never been inside a meat-processing plant, then chances are that you do not know a thing about the technology behind it. What you need to know is that businesses in the meat industry make use of innovative equipment when it comes to transforming meat into the edible material. This is how they manage to produce meat products that are helpful to human diets. Owing to advances in meat processing technology, companies in the food industry are able to achieve biological material that is good for nutrition as it is for health. In the past, the meat-processing industry was reluctant to make expensive investments. Fortunately, this is not the case anymore. If you are curious to learn more about the equipment used in plants, then please continue reading.

Equipment that is used in meat-processing

In order to perform small-scale or large-scale operations, it is necessary to have certain pieces of equipment at hand. As mentioned before, these machines are manufactured with the help of advanced technology and they prove to be useful for several operations, including chopping, salting and mixing. The great thing is that they can be integrated with a Programvaresystem, which allows for inventory control and material requirements planning. Here are just a few examples of technology that is used in the meat-processing industry:

  • Meat grinder – this appliance is used for cutting, mixing, chopping, and mincing biological material. What the piece of equipment does is force the meat by way of a feeding worm, which is under pressure. The machinery features not only a knife and grinder plate but also a series of plates and rotary knives.
  • Bowl cutter – the bowl cutter is designed so as to produce very small meat and fat particles. It usually has a thermometer that shows the temperature of the mixture. In bigger pieces of equipment, you can regulate the speed by changing gears.
  • Meatballs machine – this appliance molds edible material in order to make meatballs. The piece of equipment is helpful for making fish balls, crab cakes, pork balls, and so on and so forth. Some machines are so smart that they provide the user full control over the end product.

Automation in meat-processing  

Robotics have found their place in the food industry, that is for sure. Improved working technology brings about reduction in production costs. In spite of the fact that there are different operations for processing pork, beef, and mutton, automation can be applied to many projects. Nowadays, businesses have Kjøtt linjer that help them with everything from development to maintenance. The question now is if automation in the meat-processing industry is a good thing or a bad thing. Until the present moment, the introduction of robots has proven to be a good thing. To be more precise, it has made it possible to execute precise operations and create new opportunities. There is no way of knowing what will happen in future time. What is certain though is that food companies introducing smart appliances will provide better meat products, maintaining a high level of quality.   

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