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December - 12 - 2014

Not many people understand what SEO is, but we could say, in an informal way, that it represents the specialized knowledge of how to manipulate in a smart and ingenious way search engines’ (such as Google) rankings. SEO is a very dynamic field, and it is constantly changing, and this happens especially because it is influenced by variations of different search engines. There are always new updates, various trends and developed strategies, so the only certainty in this field is change. Only in 2014, there have been 13 major changes in Google’s algorithm – these were the public ones, not to mention the small and unimportant ones, which are not transmitted to the general public. If you are looking for a SEO  and marketing company in Ottawa, you should know that this is no longer a hard task, as it used to be, because the industry related to this domain has matured a lot in the past years. As far as online marketing is concerned, the optimization plays a vital role and is a necessary requirement for any professional online marketer. But SEO is going to evolve for sure, and there is a series of patterns and influential factors which can be noticed as far as strategy adjusting is concerned.

To begin with, since the mobile applications are gaining more and more popularity and mobile phone producers are creating very performing devices, mobile traffic must be improved and optimized. Years ago, experts predicted that until 2014, the mobile traffic will exceed desktop traffic, and this has proven to be justified. For this reason, Google has recently introduced a “mobile-friendly” notation when displaying the search results on your phone. There are also other search engines, but they are not as popular as Google is, but apparently some late hour researches show that it could be possible that in 2015, they will start to have a higher market reach. New partnerships have been closed between search engines and different browsers, while other deals are ending in 2015, so it might be interesting to see what happens next. Keywords research is an important part for those who work in the SEO field, but it seems that this will also change in the next year. Of course it is very important to target specific keywords and phrases, but there are also other measures of success. Instead of focusing on keyword rankings, the emphasis will be on ROI metrics: the success of the campaign will not be measured by keywords position, but rather in terms of expenses and incomes.

Last but not lease, let’s not forget about the social media. It is well known that it has gained its key role in the marketing field, and become a popular advertising channel. More than this, besides being a virtual space where companies can share information and content, it is also a manner in which customer service is provided by companies. Because the reach of social media has increased in an unimaginable way lately, it is very important for SEO experts to focus on this approach too, in order to spread the information anywhere in the world.

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