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People with disabilities need constant help in order to carry on with their daily life. Furthermore, depending on others to do some of the most basic activities can represent a source of stress and anxiety for those who suffer from a serious medical condition, which is why most people with disabilities are exposed to depression. Ass we all know, depression is very difficult to cure, as those who are emotionally unstable tend to refuse any type of help. Therefore, certain measures must be taken in order to avoid these dangerous situations. The best way to ease the life of disabled people is to offer them a solution to keep doing their favorite activities just like regular people.

The DEKA Robotic Arm

Dean Kamen is an inventor who didn’t stop at his stair-climbing wheelchair. Although stair gliders and stair lifts represent a great help for people with impaired mobility, the entrepreneur decided to find even more ways to help people with disabilities.  Therefore, the inventor and his group of researchers started to work on a prosthetic arm that would make life easier for soldiers who suffered injuries in the Middle East. The DEKA Robotic Arm is highly functional, and it impresses with its amazing precision and control options. This prosthetic arm weighs less than eight pounds, and due to its accurate operation, it can even peel a grape. Moreover, its modular components and customizable controls make it suitable for the wearer’s personal needs, so it can satisfy a wide range of requirements.

Mobility equipments

The best way to help a disabled individual become more mobile is to offer him a mobility scooter. This type of devices feature a long range, allowing the user to reach his destination without worrying about running out of battery. More important, it comes with many safety features, ensuring a secure ride, and it integrates adjustable parts for a higher comfort. If you want to know what to look for in a mobility scooter, you will need more information and feedback than you can get in a store. Our advise to you would be to visit a mobility scooter reviews website for more information about different mobility scooter models.

The DynaVox EyeMax System

The DynaVox EyeMax system is a remarkable device that offers individuals with cerebral palsy and  paralysis the chance to communicate to others through their eyes. Furthermore, stroke victims also have the possibility to participate in conversations using just their eyes, which can be seen as a miracle for those who were told that they suffered serious nerve damage. This incredible innovation incorporates an eye tracking system that allows users to interact with a sophisticated keyboard, helping them to enter words, and translating their phrases into spoken text. All these actions are possible due to the text-to-speech mechanism that the device features.

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