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GMO Busters HD is an innovative game created by Swift Development that enjoys a stunning success among iPad enthusiasts. In fact, it is quite similar with Angry Birds in terms of fun but it comes packed with a more meaningful and organic message. This iPad app enjoys impressive testimonial form players who consider it as one of the most creative and addictive applications ever.Unlike FIFA, which can also be played on an Xbox or PS console, this game is dedicated to mobile devices. While for FIFA, gamers have to invest in currency, check sites such as and create strategies, GMO Busters HD is way simpler from this point of view. It is exclusively dedicated to those using iOS and has a less complex circuit. However, it has managed to become very popular ever since it appeared on the market.

GMO Busters HD Game App for iPad is really changeling and even a little bit controversial given that players must act as activists in banning GMOs. The iPad app virtually presents the fight between BIO characters and GMOs which must be destroyed in order to protect the planet. Before purchasing this game however, you should know that there are other, similar ones as well, and you might like to check them out before deciding. You can find articles and reviews of numerous games for iPad on and turn your iPad into a real entertainment avenue.

GMO Busters HD is an original and addictive game that develops a a great idea and makes people love it from the very first moment they open it. In addition to this, the iPad app has brightly colored graphics, catchy sounds and it is very dynamic. Apart from the original game, there are about 1000 additional levels which can be purchased from the Apple store. It is also available in 8 languages and boasts many in-game optimization options  which are very appealing for people of all ages.

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