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More and more people prefer nowadays to opt for SIM only, because they consider this type of plan more beneficial than staying on a contract. If you have decided to change from a contract to a SIM only, then you may have already checked the benefits this option brings. But you may have no idea what the process implies. A few years ago, people considered more suitable to have a mobile phone contract, but nowadays when the SIM only deals are better daily, you may want to try them. In present times, if you are paying for a top-end handset you will be tied to the contract for at least two years, because you will have to spread the cost of the device over this period. But if you do not want to be trapped into a long contract then you should check for finding out more info on what the process of changing from contract to SIM only implies.

If your fixed contract is coming to an end

This is a simple process, because if you are at the end of your mobile phone contract all you have to do is to compare prices and to decide which offer is more suitable for you. You will have to make sure that you get all the benefits you want, buy you pay the minimum sum. You should be able to keep your mobile phone number, but for doing this you will have to call the current mobile provider and to ask them give you authorization. Also, you will have to offer your number to the new provider in case you want to change the network. In this way, the two providers will arrange the transfer of the number. There are cases when the current phone company requires you to notice then with at least 30 days before.

If you are still in the contract

But what should you do if you still have months or years to go? One option would be to simply port your number, but you have to check the conditions, because you will definitely have to pay a charge for the remaining months. Therefore, it is important to check the penalty fee you have to pay, and unless you are not close to the end of the contract term, you should expect it to be quite high. If you do no afford to pay this sum, you can see if you provider is willing to offer you a downgrade and to opt for a cheaper contract.

How to make the switch simple?

For getting the best benefits of the process, you should make sure that you are aware of the usage levels. For doing this you can use different comparison sites that will show you the deals different providers have. In this way, you will make a decision based on benefits. In case you are under contract, you will have to notice your provider that you intend to opt for a SIM only, because they may have the policy to delete the number if you do not notice them in time.

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