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How to use the motors App

March - 28 - 2012

The motors App, which is available via fits all the essential criteria of a first rate App. It’s simple and neatly packaged and it fulfils a vital role in the market it’s associated with. The used car market used to be the domain of the pushy salesman and the Sunday afternoon trawl around a garage forecourt, peering in windows and making the most of a limited supply of vehicles.
Sites like have revolutionised the used car market by bringing the buyer and seller together more easily by effective search engines and huge databases of cars. is a modern online used cars classified network with over 150,000 cars listed in its database. As a website it is simple and unfussy, and its decision to create an iPhone App gave it another channel by which it could pursue its aims.
The App is blessed with a few thoughtful search criteria from which any customer should be able to find a strong match to the car that they desire. Useful extras include the ability to ‘shortlist’ a few select vehicles. You can go back and scrutinise all of the vehicles in your shortlist and make an objective decision as to which may be best.
The motors App is well suited to anyone who has a constant eye on the market, awaiting a bargain and ready to seize the chance when one appears. It is also a vital resource for anyone who is simply looking to make a foray into the used car market; far easier than thumbing through the magazines and looking around the various forecourts, and in addition providing much more choice. Choice dictated by your needs instead of what may be available at the time.

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