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Install BBM on Your PC Today

February - 4 - 2014

Nothing seems to be more important nowadays than staying in touch; the software industry provides us with countless chat and social networking platforms, each with their special advantages and features. Thus, you can always choose something that plies perfectly to your needs and make sure you’re available to all your contacts, be they friends, family or business associates. One of the most popular messengers was for a few years the BBM, meaning the Blackberry Messenger platform which was only available on their phones. When sales for Blackberrys dropped as smart phones gained more popularity, BBM was made available for Android and iOS as well. Today, you can even install in on your PC.

Indeed, you can have BBM for PC download, and enjoy all the benefits that this messenger offers. One of the best features of the BBM is that it allows for unlimited text messaging, but you can also exchange pictures, videos, and even contacts. This free exchange of information can be useful in a variety of situations, and since the Blackberry phone used to be the businessman’s appendage, you could say its messenger can serve the same purposes. For those who still use a Blackberry phone and its BBM, having access to it on their PC can bring a lot of advantages to the table.

First of all, if you install BBM for PC download, you can have all your contacts in both places, so communication can be much easier. Moreover, the interface on BBM for PC is much larger, so you’re able to use all its features much easier. But there are many more things you can do with the BlackBerry Messenger; you can also send voice notes to your contacts, share files with them, use a wide range of emoticons that express your mood, and even show them your location on a map. The possibilities and applications of these features is wide; moreover, you can have group conversations, so your work projects will go much better than before.

Installing BBM for PC download is very easy; first you have to download and install Bluestacks, which is a software that allows you to play mobile applications and games on computer desktops. Going through the installation steps is basic and common; once you install Bluestacks, open it and type for BBM in the search bar provided. The software will give you a few options for BBM download, of which you choose the safest source available. After that, installing BBM is just as simple, and you’re only a few clicks away from using this practical messenger on your PC or laptop.

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