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If you are taking a look at the laptops listed on sale 10 years ago, you would notice that they were quite ugly, and if you try to use them, you would have to take a seat and have a lot of patience because they are very slow. Nowadays laptops are entirely different devices, because they are faster, lighter and more versatile than you can even imagine. And the great thing about them, is that you do not even have to pay a fortune for buying them, because great models are listed in second hand stores, and you can buy refurbished laptops which have all the features you are looking for in a device, and which are listed at affordable prices. But, you have to be careful when you want to buy a refurbished laptop, because not all of them are quality ones, and it is important to have in view some features when deciding upon a model.

Consider the battery life of the laptop

The main advantage provided by a laptop is mobility, so when looking for a refurbished one, you have to be sure that the battery life would provide you the possibility to use it, even when it is not connected to an electricity source. Therefore, you have to check the battery life of the devices you consider to buy, because it is crucial to know how long they last. As the laptops are slimmer nowadays, their battery life is compromised about this feature, so make sure that the one you are buying is able to last for a couple of hours. In some cases you would get 1or 2 hours less that the provider states.

Ask about weight and size

If you are looking for a laptop, which allows you to move around town, and to take it with you, then you should definitely consider these features. Usually a laptop weights around 3 pounds, so you would not find difficult to take it with you, but you should know that these models are not powerful enough. If you want to be sure that you are investing is one, which provides great performance, you should opt for a model that weighs around 5 pounds, or even more. Together with the weight comes the size, so the more it would weigh the larger it would be.

Decide upon the resolution and screen size

Nowadays when you are looking on the market, you would discover that laptops come in three sizes: 13 inches, 15 inches and 17 inches. If portability is the feature you are looking for, then you should opt for the smallest size. However, if you want to use the laptop mainly at your office or at home, you can opt for one of the two other sizes, because they are multifunctional. The resolution of the laptop is the number of pixels its display contains, and if you are opting for a cheaper one, you should know that it probably has a lower resolution than the more expensive ones. The resolution influences your experience with the device, so you should consider if it is important for you or not.

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