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You should know that when you buy a printer is important to know how to maintain it, to be sure that it will properly function for a long time. In the manufacturer’s guide, you might find information on how you should clean and maintain the whole device, but some components like the printhead need more attention. If you do not know how to clean it, it might broke and you will have to replace it with a Spectra Nova 256 80 pl printhead, which is one of the products compatible with a large variety of devices.

Why is a printhead so important?

A printhead is a critical and delicate component in a printer, and it wears by simply using it. This is the result of the friction between the media and the printhead. In addition, heaters comprise the head in order to produce quality printed papers, and this is damaging it. If you do not properly maintain and care it, or you use a poor media, the state of the printhead will be drastically affected. Moreover, because the printhead is a consumable item, you have to try to optimize its life, because some types of printheads might be very expensive. The poor state of the printhead will influence the quality of the images and documents you are printing, and you will observe that they will become faint and some parts of them will miss.

How to proper clean the printhead

You should know that you have to clean it regularly and properly, ideal being to do it after each roll of media. You can find some useful information in the manufacturer’s manual, because there might be needed some special cleaning techniques. In some cases, it is advisable to use a cleaning card, a cleaning pen or cleaning swabs. When you clean the printhead, you should know that it is a fragile item and you do not have to put it in contact with sharp objects. You should remove any jewelry that might scratch it, and you have to use an anti-static mat, to be sure that you discharge the static electricity that might damage the printer part. You should use isopropyl alcohol 99%, with a cleaning swab, when you clean it. You have to press the swab tip against it, and swipe the print elements from its surface. In addition, other important type of cleaning is the one proceeded with the help of the Head cleaning Utility. During this process, you have to turn on the printer, but make sure the ink out light is off. If the ink out light is flashing, you have to replace the ink cartridge before cleaning the print head. After this, you have to access the printer software and click on the Head Cleaning button. From this moment, you have to follow the instructions provided on-screen. While the cleaning process is taking place, you will notice that the power and ink lights are flashing, and you do not have to turn off the printer until they do not stop, because you might damage it. After doing this you have to click on the Print Nozzle Check Pattern to confirm that the head is clean.

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