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Learn how to unlock iPhone 4

August - 26 - 2013

Out of all the smartphone brands out there, iPhones are probably the most popular and, although when the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C models hit the market they caused mass hysteria, many users remained loyal to their iPhone 4, as it is a very reliable phone with great features. Most people buy their iPhones from certain carriers, having subscription contracts, which most likely means that the smartphone is locked to that carrier. If you are in that situation, but you want to switch carriers, or simply want to have an unlocked phone, then here is a short guide on how to unlock iPhone 4 or what your options are in that regard. Regardless of the model, iPhones are not cheap products, so you might want to be very careful when choosing to unlock it, in order to make sure you don’t damage the phone.

So, if you are wondering how to unlock iPhone 4, here are your two main options: unlocking through a carrier or through an online service. If your contract is finished or you’ve already paid the early termination fee, then you can contact your carrier and have your iPhone unlocked. Just contact the customer service team and inquire about their unlock policy. Another option would be contacting the carrier you want to switch to, as most mobile providers will be happy to unlock the phone for you if you switch to them from a rival company. However, you should carefully check their policy too, as you might just get from one type of lock to another. To have all bases covered and make sure that you can switch carriers whenever you like, the best thing to do is unlock your iPhone 4 through a paid service. There are numerous and various online companies that provide such services, so be careful in choosing one. Research the market thoroughly, read feedback and reviews and ask around to ensure that you pay for a legit service and protect yourself from online scams, which unfortunately occur quite often.

These services work fairly easy and they will need your IMEI code in order to add your iPhone to the Apple’s official list of unlocked phones. For iPhone 4, the IMEI code is printed on the SIM card trey, but you can also retrieve it by dialing *#06# on your phone. After you deliver the code and make the payment, the unlock service will send you a code and then you will have to activate the unlock. You can do that by resetting network settings and activating the iPhone again. As you can see, unlocking an iPhone 4 is not a difficult endeavor after all, you just have to make sure you find a reliable provider, so that you don’t pay for a non-existing service. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, with a thorough research and attention to details, you will be able to find a suitable unlocking service through the myriad of options available online.

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