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Leostream Connect iPad App

July - 9 - 2014

Leostream Connect is the new iPad application released by Leostream and available on app store. It represents a reliable solution for clients who need secure access to their desktops and applications directly from their iPad tablet or any other Apple mobile device. Leostream Connect iPad App enables a secure and easy connection to your personal desktop anytime, anywhere and you can use your Windows applications on your iPad as if you were in front of your computer.

There are many similar applications available on the market but Leostream Connect seems to be the best option due to its numerous features which enable unrestricted access to your desktop without using a sophisticated or expensive virtual desktop infrastructure. In today’s hectic business world a reliable remote access is a major requirement that can streamline the work flow and increase the productivity of any businessman. Unfortunately, most of these  applications require their users to let their computers open every time they leave which  is quite uncomfortable. Yet Leostream Connect has a different approach when it comes to remote control.

The best part is that Lepstream Connect doesn’t require you to leave your computer on and it allows you to access it from an iPad, a Mac or a  an iPhone using a WIFI connection. Apart from this, it is very easy to download, install and set up it and once you connect you can access your Windows desktop and use various applications, including Google Chrome and  Open Office, which are preinstalled. Therefore, you ca either start your work immediately or you ca install any other applications or software you want. The set up process is very smooth so once you download Leostream Connect, you virtually have to create an account on the official website of the company and then you can start your work.

If you travel a lot, an iPad offer better mobility than a laptop and using Leostream Connect you will not experience any inconvenience when you want to use your laptop or your computer. If you want to convince yourself about the reliability of this solution, you can opt for a free 7 days trial. During this time frame you can use the application to see if it suits you and meets your expectations. If you decide to purchase it, you can take advantage of a long term contract and a minimal monthly fee as well as all the benefits that it can provide you.

Overall, Leostream Connect represents the most noteworthy alternative to your remote control requirements and given that it is very easy to install, set up and use, it can be easily implemented in your work processes. The opportunity of accessing your desktop at your own peace and convenience is priceless so you have all the reasons to try this application and see how it works for you.

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