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Beyond the pride of owning a posh device, using an Apple product can sometimes become a real burden. Laptops and smartphones are extremely fragile; the accessories are very expensive and can only be bought from the dedicated store of the company. Once you have purchased an iPhone or Macbook, you will be fascinated by it – as long as it lasts. Unfortunately, at some point you will wake up to a dead battery or a broken charger, and you will have to pay large amounts of money to replace them with original pieces. Fortunately, nowadays you can also find alternative online stores which will provide you unused Apple accessories that will work perfectly, in exchange for affordable prices. For this reason, once you have purchased your device, be it iPhone, tablet or laptop, you can forget about the famous Apple store, because there are other options much more convenient.

Buy accessories from alternative options

If your iPhone 6+ skærm, charger or power adapter breaks, you will probably want to replace it with an original one. However, after you analyze the market and compare the prices, you will definitely come to the conclusion that it is not worth it. Most people consider the products from the Apple store overrated and definitely overpriced, especially since the original accessories are fragile and broke easily. Taking into consideration that the internet is a resourceful environment, you can always look for alternative stores online, because these offer resistant products which are likely to be delivered much faster than those from the manufacturer’s store. In addition to this, the prices are extremely affordable.


You do not need an expert to replace the parts

In case you have a broken screen, you order it from an online shop but you do not know how to replace it, then you must know that the task is easier than it seems. You may think that you need an expert to do this for you, but this is not true. You can transform this into a DIY project, because fortunately there are plenty of tutorials available on the internet, where you are shown how you must proceed. Watch a short video, read a bit about the topic, practice and you will be able to replace the broken part flawlessly. As you can see, using the services of a professional company is not necessary: you can spare some money and obtain a similar result in terms of quality.


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