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OnLive iPad App

April - 2 - 2012

OnLive Desktop is one of the hottest apps which has been recently released by OnLive. This is virtually the ipad version of Office which can perfectly create and edit documents, be it basic Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations. OnLive iPad App is a revolutionary cloud-based solution that provides a great Windows desktop experience that encompasses all the Microsoft Office applications. This means that it is not required to install

Office on the ipad because onlive ipad connects to a remote server where Windows 7 as well as all the other apps are running. Moreover, ipad users can create an account, sign up and Windows is displayed on the ipad with all its applications, including its minor programs such as Notepad, Paint and Calculator. In addition, Microsoft also offers free 2Gb of cloud storage when users sign up.

OnLive Desktop is packed with many interesting features that enable a seamless Windows Desktop experience with instant-response PC apps and the possibility to transfer easily a variety of files between ipad and other devices. It it able to reach high-performance even when interacting with fast-action media, for it relies on the OnLive’s cloud-gaming platform.

Onlive ipad works smoothly and quickly without any noticeable lag, in spite of the fact that the apps are operated remotely. Yet being a cloud-based service, it is not able to work offline but it can perform on slower network connections.  OnLive Desktop is a great technical achievement that simply boosts productivity and streamlines business activities and the remarkable number of ipad fans who use it represents the best proof of its reliability.

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