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Samsung NaviBot vacuum

December - 23 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

If you are planning on changing your vacuum cleaner with a new one you should take into consideration the Samsung NaviBot vacuum. The new technology provided by this vacuum cleaner gives you the posibility to clean you home more efficient and intelligent. All you have to do is push a button and the NaviBot will […]

You may remember the times when you were forced to sit behinde of a car who moves slower than a bicycle. When you finally got the chance to get pass him all the honking and flashing does not seem to do any good which is why you should purchase the  Drivemocion EX Series LED Car […]

The Lavnav

December - 9 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

When you wake up at night and you have to go to the bathroom the bright light can hurt your eyes and even wake up your partner. If you use night lights as an alternative to normal light you will soon realize that it is not so convenient because you waste a lot of energy, […]

Over the past few years the bluetooth headset has become very popular because of the laws which ban people from using the phone while driving, to be more exact you are not allowed to hold your phone next to your ears while you are at the wheel. The majority of bluetooth headsets are mono simply […]

If you do not know what present to get someone a good option is the bodel water power clock, it is quite and eco smart. The Bodel clock does not work on batteries at all, all it needs its some water. The trick is to fill it up with water and to add a couple […]

The Locklite

November - 3 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

Locklite is a perfect solution to one common problem: trying to enter the key into the lock when there is poor light or non at all. What it does is light up like a torch thus giving you that extra help to enter into your home. The gadget can fit over any kind of key. […]

The GTrek II

October - 13 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

In our days almost everybody has a GPS weather it is on the phone or you have the actual device. Everyone who has a smart phone has a GPS feature which is ment to help you find your way. What the normal GPS can not provide you is a data base on where you have […]

The R2-D2 Projector

October - 12 - 2011ADD COMMENTS

If you are a fan of the movie Star Wars we are happy to tell you that one of the characters has been turn into an interesting electronic piece. The R2-D2 projector is a unique gadget which not many people know about. At first glace it may seem as just a simple projector but it […]

Nowadays the market of Android tablets has increased in such a way that manufacturers know that they have to produce something special in order to rise above the rest. When Samsung produced the  Galaxy Tab 10.1 the thing which he wanted to stand out was sexiness. This is the element which sets it apart from […]

The Razorpit Razor Blade Sharpener is one of the smartest gadgets ever invented when it comes to shaving. This little thing will save you a lot of money and it will improve your shaving skills. It was  was designed by the Danish and what it does basically it uses a friction base method to remove […]