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Passtouch Web Browser App for iPad is one of the range of innovative applications released recently that enjoys a stunning success and excellent users testimonials. To keep always in mind different password and type them when browsing various websites can be very stressful and sometimes even inefficient. Thus Passtouch Web Browser is aiming to release stress and to allows users to protect better their privacy.

This iPad appvirtually uses a unique touch pattern which can be personalized for each and every account. In this respect, it is way more advanced than any PC technology right now that requires the use of countless passwords and keys for protecting your personal information. Unlike the traditional easy-to-remember passwords, this is by far a more efficient method to secure an account.

This page describes the term Web Scraping and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information.

Passtouch Web Browser is packed with many original and appealing features and it is the first choice for people who surf job-related activities on regular basis. One can, for example, browse for fashion wholesale jewelry to open up a store, or to find inspiration for a new collection.

In order to create a password with this iPad app all they have to do is to draw a continuous free-form line over the interface of their mobile device.

Given that the application is designed to remember different shapes and colors, the interface is virtually transformed into a road map that guides the user when he signs up. Moreover, Passtouch Web Browser can handle multi-user profiles , full-screen web browsing, one-tap access to password protected websites and in addition to this, it also offers the possibility to store securely the bookmarks. This is indeed, a reliable secure password instrument that worth the attention of iPad fans, a must have for all those who are somehow internet addicts.

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