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Rhythm Studio App for iPad

February - 7 - 2012

Rhythm Studio App for iPad is a cutting-edge electronic music making application for all those iPad users who enjoy making and recording their own samples. The application manages to provide users all the synthesizers and drum machines of a music studio.

Rhythm Studio App for iPad provides an excellent experience due to its high quality 3D graphics and amazing sounds and beyond the wide range of features, it is still easy to use and understand. The design is clean and the interface recreates successfully many real instruments. This means that the touch of a button has the same effect as in the case of a real instrument.

Rhythm Studio App for iPad brings all the thrill of a studio in the palm of the hand boasting three different ways of makings songs: using the step sequencer, using the Control Pad or instantly creating a random pattern. The workspace is dynamic and iPad fans can use up to 4 instruments for a song and 15 sound effects. Apart from this, there are many other interesting features and the developers of Rhythm Studio iPad app are committed to constantly bring new enhancements. All music enthusiasts seem to love this application which virtually boosts their creativity and makes room for entertainment.

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