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Samsung NaviBot vacuum

December - 23 - 2011

If you are planning on changing your vacuum cleaner with a new one you should take into consideration the Samsung NaviBot vacuum. The new technology provided by this vacuum cleaner gives you the posibility to clean you home more efficient and intelligent. All you have to do is push a button and the NaviBot will start cleaning your floors on its own without damaging your house. This device is very clever because you can adjust it to your home without having to worry that it will knock something down or scare your cat. It is a dream come true to every women who likes her house looking sparkling.

If are worried that the vacuum will wonder around the house using a lot of energy you do not have to worry because the Samsung NaviBot has a Visionary Mapping System™ which will choose the most efficient rout. It is also equipped with a small camera which helps the vacuum to memorize your house thus choosing the best way to clean your home. This vacuum will never get lost. The NaviBot is so smart that it can return where he left off in case he runs out of battery and has to recharge. The Samsung is a brilliant combination between intelligence and efficiency.

If you have pets you will be happy to hear that the NavitBot has a special brush just for pet hair. With it it can gather all the unwanted hair from your floor and carpets and at the same time gather the dust and dirt. It is so powerful that it can vacuum the small hairs which cause allergies. Its a dream come true for pet lovers.

Another brilliant feature which the vacuum has are the sensors which protect your valuable stuff and itself. It has about 37 sensors along with three special sensors called Cliff Sensors  which are meant to prevent your vacuum from falling of the stairs or the edge of other surfaces. In case something happens like: the vacuum falling or it is turn upside down it automatically shuts down just to keep you safe.

If you do not want the Samsung vacuum to enter some rooms or areas all you have to do is activate the Virtual Fence and it will stay out of those areas. You can also tell your vaccum cleaner the order of rooms it has to clean in.

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