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Finding the best mobile carrier and a suitable mobile plan for your needs is not always an easy process. Also, the costs to replace your old mobile device are ridiculously high, in most of the cases, revolving around 30 ponds monthly. For families with multiple mobile plans that include smartphones, the costs are in most of the cases, too high. However, many wonder if replacing the old device with each new carrier plan is truly necessary. Given the current context, in which tech novelties appear on a yearly basis, it’s unlikely to be worth the extra cash. However, there is still the option of keeping your old phone and having the best deals. Below are some generalities you should pay attention to.

Keeping your old smartphone – Are there any downsides?

Unfortunately, there are downsides to each decision that we take, but keeping your last-generation smartphone is not one of those cases. Unless your smartphone is very old, you can still keep it and enjoy high levels of security. Also, if you take into account the fact that you won’t be paying anymore a mobile plan and smartphone subscription to a carrier that can easily pass over 30 pounds monthly, the advantages double. Make sure that your smartphone is updated, if you want to enjoy high security levels. If not, all your data and login info will be endangered. You should also make sure that your phone is no older than 6-7 years, especially it has an Android operating system. In these cases, updates become impossible to be made and you will certainly endanger all the information stocked on your smartphone. However, if your phone is relatively new one, you can call yourself lucky.

3G sim cards – What are the advantages?

A growing number of individuals across the UK are ditching their carrier monthly subscriptions and rely more and more on 3G SIM cards. The most important motive for which this happens is the generous offer and affordable prices of those. Depending on how frequently you use your mobile phone SIM plan, there are several options to choose from. Light users can enjoy up to 500MB of data, 200 minutes and unlimited texts for approximately 5 pounds a month. Compared to a 24-month subscription to any given carrier whose fees revolve around 30 pounds a month, this is a highly affordable option. The prices of 3G sim cards increase progressively, with the number of Internet data and minutes and texts included but remain under 15 pounds a month. For instance, heavy users can enjoy a sim card with 12GB data, unlimited minutes and unlimited texts for approximately 13 pounds a month.

To conclude, there is only one smart option that you have if you want to preserve your old device and enjoy an affordable monthly subscription. Investing in a 3G sim card has proven to be the best money-saving option for many, especially in the current financial context.

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