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The history of screen printing is one filled with many ups and downs, but the fact that remains undeniable is that screen printing is one of the most important processes invented by man. This printing technique has been around for several thousands of years according to archeological findings and although the methods used back then were rather crude, the effect was incredible and helped people of that time to leave a richer cultural heritage. It is believed that screen printing was invented in China around 12 BC, while some clues suggest that the origins of this technique are in the Middle East. Although the screen printing technique used in the past can be considered primitive the patterns printed on fabrics discovered by archeologists do not differ from the prints we have today by much. The process has been simplified and improved, but the results are nevertheless similar. It would be impossible for a T-shirt screen printing Winnipeg company to use the same technique as in the past, because the results would not be as accurate and the time required to finish a hundred T-shirts at the moment would be used to finish a single one with this method.

The power of modern technology

With the help of modern technology, we are now able to mass-produce printed fabrics. Screen printing is no longer a tedious and long process done manually. Machines are used from start to finish and they have the ability to produce up to eighty T-shirts per hour automatically. The concept of duplicating the same image and graphics through screening is still there, but the  process is completely automated and really fast. Everything from the frames to how fast the ink dries has been improved up the point that you can have a batch of hundreds of T-shirt for sale by the end of a day. Screen printing services today boast better inks, chemical and machines, not to mention that the durability and quality of the fabrics has also been improved tremendously.

Online screen printing services

While screen printing advent has brought tremendous advantages to manufacturers that can now produce more goods faster and at a better quality, clients also have their own share of advantages. The screen printing process lasts longer than any other printing technique, not to mention that you can now print anything you want, including photos and art. What is more, online screen printing services are even more amazing, because most of them offer clients the opportunity to create their own T-shirts and hats using a browser-based program. Clients will see the outline of a T-shirt, choose its color and drag and drop an image, graphics, digital art, photos or designs on it. They can even write messages on the virtual T-shirt. Then, they can choose the color and resize the design, change its location and even add effects until they have the results they want. The printing company will reproduce that exact T-shirt and have it sent to their address in less than a week, which is pretty amazing.

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