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The GTrek II

October - 13 - 2011

In our days almost everybody has a GPS weather it is on the phone or you have the actual device. Everyone who has a smart phone has a GPS feature which is ment to help you find your way. What the normal GPS can not provide you is a data base on where you have been, locations where you have gone through. If you want one which has this feature GTrek II is the one.

The GTrek II is a device which act like a GPS, basically it logs on and records all the journyes the users have took. If you set the GTrek II on log mode it will imediately turn on and start recording periodic data of ones journey. The device can record up to 25 hours and the data can be accesed by plugging the decive to a computer.

The you log on the device to a computer it will provide you all the locations using Google Earth or Google Maps. If you want to find out the distance covered, the altitude or the speed of ones journey The GTrek II can provide you all these data. People who are usually interested in this kind of information are the ones who are: runners, regular travelers and cyclists. The are interested in this because they like to keep a track of their journyes. It can cost up to 170$.

When you look at it all you can see is a simple black device, it has no LCD screen which means that the batterie lasts longer. The batteries can last up to 25 hours after which you have to rechard them. It may not look as much but inside lays the brain who does it all, a software who charters your course as if your were using Google Maps. You can also use the raw data which the device provides, you can use it to match a picture with a certain point of your journey. You can take a picture and then look in the data base and match it with the moment and place where you took it. This is very important for thise who are doing trip reports.

This is The GTrek II, more than a GPS. You can use it if you are a researcher or if you are a parent. This device is ideal for parents who want to know where their children have been, it make them feel more at ease.

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