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Michael Fertik is the founder and CEO of, the world’s leading provider on online privacy and reputation management services. Fertik is a member of the World Economic Forum Agenda Council on Internet Security and a recipient of the WEF Technology Pioneer 2011 Award, an internet entrepreneur with a stunning experience and expertise in this field of activity. If you want to find out more about Michael Fertik and his activity, including about, you just have to visit Michael, his official website.

Michael is a comprehensive source of information for anyone who is interested in online reputation management and online security of private data. From the first moment you click on this website, it grabs you attention and make you want to stay longer and read as much as possible. The entire design is very friendly and gives you that “welcome to my home page” feel. Although it has a substantial amount of content, it enables an easy navigation due to the relevant categories listed on the right hand side of the screen. Online Profiles, Websites and Recent Posts allow you to access the pieces of content that you are interested in while the RSS Feed and Comments options empower you to share your opinions and to read the latest news about Michael Fertik in your email. The content is frequently updated and the old posts are efficiently archived which adds value to the entire user experience. The main menu encompasses four main categories: Home, About Michael Fertik, About and Michael Fertik in the News which virtually serve the overall purpose of this website. There are no unnecessary buttons or pieces of content to distract the readers’ attention.

The first line of the first page helps you get familiar with Michael Fertik and the the reasons why his experience and expertise are outstanding and provide such a valuable aid for each and evry individual or business owner who is interested in online reputation management and is committed to protect his private data. The interesting thing about this website is that you immediately feel as if you know Michael Fertik for a long time. However, the overall layout is standard for this type of website and the niche it addresses. It doesn’t ricks confusions but at the same time it manages to remain friendly and visually pleasant. It lack images and gives visitors the possibility to focus on the pieces of content – usability is by far one of the most appreciated features that it boasts. This definitely a very useful online resource that offers advice and assistance with an overview of the online reputation management a guide and an introduction to the legal aspects involved.

It is a fact that the internet expansion has fundamentally altered the concept of privacy as well as the way that people form opinions and share information. The growth of the internet has made managing your online reputation a necessity. Michael Fertik  focus his experience and expertise on providing individuals and businesses the needed education as well as tools in order to define their online image. And Michael is designed to serve this purpose and to enable excellent experiences to each and every visitor.

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