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TomTom GPS now for iPad

January - 13 - 2012

If you want to ensure that you fully exploit the huge potential of your iPad, you should personalize it with various applications tailored to your need, interests and preferences. There are more than 150,000 applications of which you can choose those that can really allow you to use your device at its most. TomTom GPS for iPad is an application that will definitely impress you  because it was recently optimized for iPad allowing you to follow maps displayed on 10” screen.

 TomTom GPS  for iPad should be the first choice mainly for those who have an iPad 3G version although an iPad 2 can be connected through an iPhone that can allow a GPS sharing between IOS devices. TomTom GPS is considered a highly effective tool due to its reliable software which provides the most relevant traffic data. It is designed to offer valuable information about traffic jams regarding the distances where they are and the delays they  generate and in addition to this, it also provides alternative routes. The pieces of information are constantly updated and thus, you can be sure that you will avoid all the traffic jams and you will get on time for your appointments.

TomTom GPS is packed with the newest and the most accurate mapping displayed on a clean interface which enables a fast and smooth navigation. Drivers have the possibility to view easily the driving display and access the variety of guidance options with just a tap. Apart from the fact that it doesn’t require a mobile signal, the Map Share option allows users to take advantage of free map updates, irrespective of the location where they are. It also boasts a iOS Multitasking support and a reliable integration with the  iPhone/iPad contacts, photos, music, email and calendar.

Each and every driver will be pleased to know that TomTom GPS enables them to listen spoken instructions which can include various pieces of information such as name streets which can help them to focus easier on the road and know quite some time before when they have to make the next turning. Moreover,  TomTom GPS offers up to five waypoints on the trip which means that a certain route can be planned just once and drivers will know beforehand what distances they have to track and what stops they have to make.

Using TomTom GPS, drivers can easily search with Google™ various locations, be it restaurants, shops, bars, beauty saloons and many others. Apart from this, it boasts an emergency menu and advanced lane guidance which can help drivers stay safe and relax while they fully enjoy the journey. This application is both useful and appealing and it can enable its users to make the most out of their iPad through various HD graphics, route sharing, iOS multitasking support, departure reminder and many other features that can be customized in order to suit any preferences and needs. TomTom GPS enjoys excellent client testimonials and it works great with other applications such as Trapster speed trap alert or Where to go?HD.

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