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If you are always doing efforts to look your best and improve your appearance but none of the methods that you have used seem to work, know that there are even simpler methods to improve your overall appearance. You only need 3 practical and efficient devices for personal care. So, are you curious to find out which are the most essential gadgets for personal care? Find out in the next article.

The electric shaver

The electric razor was a revolution when it was first created. Goodbye to cuts and welcome the gentle and quick shave. Indeed, it is surely one of the tools that men use the most in the bathroom, apart from the toothbrush. An electric razor may be better for some people, compared to its ancestor, the razor blades. Know that there are primarily two types of electric shavers: rotary shavers and foil shavers. The result offered by the two is the same, although they are not made in the same way. Only features can make you lean towards one or the other. First, foil shavers allow you to straighten the hair thanks to the blades, which will save you time, comfort, and shaving will be more effective. If you are interested in a good foil shaver, read some Braun 2015 electric shaver reviews, as Braun is the proud manufacturer of the best foil shaver in the world. Some shavers heads are waterproof and can be used underwater. Rotary shavers allow the razor to adjust to the contour of the neck and face. Some of these razors emit micro vibrations, for lifting the hair and allow a more efficient and faster shave. The best rotary shavers are made by Philips. When reading the latest Philips or Braun 2015 electric shaver reviews, make sure to consider your personal needs: what type of skin you have, do you have thick or thin beard hair, and how many times per week you like to shave.

The flat iron

There’s a very wide range of devices that can be used to take care of your hair every day and help you create beautiful and original hairstyles. Since straight hair is very popular now, most women are wondering which is the best hair straightener 2016. Well, it all depends on your hair type. The flat iron is considered to be the most useful beauty tool. It is practical, easy to use and very easy to maintain. In almost 20 minutes or a little more (depending on many factors) you can have a smoother and shinier hair than ever. The smoothing effect is achieved by heating plates which glide smoothly through the hair to remove all traces of frizz. The best hair straighteners go up to 450 ° F maximum but have usually a feature that allows you to control the temperature. If you have thin hair, you might want to use a lower temperature in order to avoid damaging your hair.

The blow dryer

Robustness, security, power, cord length, accessories, noise and ergonomics of a pro hair dryer are criteria to analyze when purchasing such a device. Your methods of hairstyling and hair type will also influence the choice of hair dryers and associated accessories. A good hair dryer that comes with the ion technology can significantly reduce static electricity problems. In fact, the release of negative ions compensates for producing positive ions released during the friction and variations in water charges associated with brushing.

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