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It’s about time you got some storage space for all your tech items. And by storage space, we’re not talking about a closet or box. We’re talking about an entire room for storage! You see, if you’re a tech-lover, you probably have a lot of devices lying around. And chances are, a lot of them are outdated.

So they’re useless. You’re not using them, and you should sell them for a profit.

What if I’m Not a Tech-Lover…?

You could be an everyday homeowner with useless tech lying around. You see, tech isn’t just laptops and smartphones. It also includes TVs and screens, fridges and washing machines, and many more!

In fact, they could be items you own for business use. Like old photocopiers or ice-cream machines. All those items need to be stored somewhere. And you can’t possibly stack them at home. Or in a place of business for that matter. Your only choice is to get an effective storage unit. And below, we’ll give you a few rules on picking one for tech items!

Rule #1: Security.

Tech items are expensive. They cost $100s, requiring sophisticated engineering to manufacture. And a good deal of experience to fix… You don’t want to put your tech stuff in a storage warehouse with a crime history. Instead, look for a reliable and well-secured storage environment…

Does it Matter if Worn Tech is Stolen?

It matters. Old tech items you own can be sold for OK cash. And fixed properly, you can make good bank on them… Especially if fixing and reselling is something you do for a living.

For example, an old fridge (properly fixed) is valued by mid to low income people. A lot of them live on 2nd hand utilities, especially if they’re single-income homes…

Proper Locking – Pick Innermost Units.

Many storage units near you are lined up in rows. And the most secure unit is the one in the middle… And you also need proper locks. Pick big locks, and if possible, look for units that allow multiple locks… Storage units with multiple locking allows you to vary locks used. This makes it hard for criminals to break into your storage unit. Finally, you can add a nice alarm system too. But you’ll need to be close by to respond

This leads us to the next point…

Rule #2: Pick Units Near You.

The closer the better. A close storage unit allows you to get there in no-time. It makes visits to add or remove items flawless. Especially money-wise.

Transport Costs.

Not all items can be carried in a bag or pocket. For example, let’s say you’re storing an old AC. You’ll need a technician “with a car” to dismantle and carry the item to the unit… And they’ll have to be around the entire time, since ACs are a bit sensitive to damage.

Or maybe you’ve got a high-tech oven that you want to store. You won’t be carrying that alone. And most lack a car for such heavy items. So the closer your storage unit, the better.

It’s Just Plain Easier…

Who wants to commute an hour just to get a tech item or 2? Especially if you’re selling old items. You lose a portion in wasted time and gas costs. And that’s not a wise move to make.

As a business, it’s easy going back and forth from storage units to restock. You don’t want to leave your store for hours on end just to pick up a few items. Also, close by storage units are easy to check on. You can pop in every few days. Not to mention, you can be a quick responder at break-ins.

Rule #3: Space.

You’ve got to estimate how much space you’ll need. If you’re an everyday consumer, you won’t need much. An average garage-worth of space is all that’s necessary.

If you’re a business storing supply, you’ll need a good deal of space. Possibly, you might need an apartment’s worth of room for storage. We recommend you always rent out small units. If you need to expand beyond that, you can always rent other small units.

Where Do I Go From Here?

It’s time to start researching. Go online, and type storage units near you. You should get lists or suggestions by map as to nearby storage warehouses!

Be sure to scout them all well. Explore your options, and look for what suits your needs best!


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