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As a popular sport around the world with all categories of persons, golf is attracting more and more followers, both amateur and professional players, as well as an increasingly larger audience and spectator pool every single year. However, even with the increase in popularity of this sport, many experts point out that the sport is getting slower as time goes by. As a matter of fact, the most important shortcoming of this incredible activity is its slow pace which has a negative contribution on the play and unfolding of the game, regardless if we are looking at the professional tournaments or amateurs playing on weekends. In order to provide a viable solution to this problem and speed up the rate of the game a little, certain technological innovations have been created and received with a round of applause from everyone in the field. These solutions are none other than the modern day golf gadgets, such as laser rangefinders and course rangefinder watches to give just two examples. The field of golf related gadgets is constantly evolving, with more and more systems being developed and tested every day, as well as an increase in the number of admissions that these aiding technologies are receiving. Despite of the great controversy surrounding their use in the top professional challenges, their high market demand and progressively larger presence on an amateur level are what makes everyone wonder what’s next in this field and what devices to keep an eye on in the future.

In order to discover all of the novelties and understand the distinctive, complex features of each golfing gizmo it is recommended that you visit an online platform dedicated to reviewing these technologies. One of the most sought after manufacturer on the market, Bushnell, has a large variety of older and newly released rangefinders and to sort through all of them seek the experts’ advice by reading the insightful product comparisons and featured reviews published online. You will learn that the incredibly affordable Bushnell Tour V2 Standard Edition has a range of 300 yards and 5X zoom possibilities or that the Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC device contains a sophisticated E.S.P. system, which is an acronym for “Extreme. Speed. Precision” and which provides an accuracy of 1/2 yard and precision of the display of 1/10 yard.


Furthermore, the pricing information and lists of features are also extremely important when choosing what new Bushnell technology to purchase next, which is precisely why reading extensive and thorough appraisals online is crucial to the decision making process. One of the newest items in the attention of the audiences is a laser rangefinder by Bushnell called Team Primos The Truth ARC Bow Mode. It stands out as a result of the waterproof finish, high speed and superior accuracy, as well as due to the incredible precision of the results, being able to provide precise data from as far as 850 yards. Lastly, the specialized websites detailing innovation in the field will also inform readers about the recent product launches in the subfield of golf watches, such as the Bushnell Neo+ Golf GPS Distance and Course rangefinder watch. For more news and the full reviews, visit the official websites in the field.

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