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Why is tech PR complicated?

January - 30 - 2016

Professional PR is required in all fields and it plays an essential role in keeping audiences informed. However, technology seems to be more complicated. More often than not, owners of tech companies, especially startups, imagine that they can do PR in-house to save money, only to discover that the tech industry has some specific challenges that only experts can overcome. If you are also in this situation and don’t want to become an anonymous presence on a competitive market, contact a tech PR in Melbourne to get bespoke advice.

Technology is constantly changing


Technology is that one field where things are changing at tremendous speed, to the point where gadgets that were considered futuristic and groundbreaking one year ago are now obsolete. When products are changing, PR strategies have to change as well. Forget what you read in a PR book in college. Some information may still be valid today, but most of it no longer applies to what is happening today on the market. In order for your business to be successful, you have to work with PR experts who are always one step ahead.


Each tech field is different and so is each company


Not all technology is the same. Now more than ever, there are hundreds of classifications, from cloud technologies and hosting to mobile UI and hardware. Your PR strategy should reflect the realities of the field in which you operate, otherwise it will seem inappropriate and awkward. Believe it or not, the world’s largest PR companies have entire divisions of dozens of people who learn everything about tech fields and develop specialized strategies that work.


Why you shouldn’t copy other companies’ strategies


Today, there are many great examples of brilliant PR, especially from multinational tech companies, that you might feel tempted to copy them. However, you should not try to do this, even though it might save you money. Audiences can feel when companies are not being honest with them and do not offer them their complete trust. Each business is different and you should aim to show your own ethos in your PR strategy. Customers love it when businesses are transparent, because this makes them look more “human”, more approachable. Be sincere in your PR efforts, because now is the best time for businesses to be unique, even a bit weird. Customers encourage products and services that stand out from the crowd and reject conventions.

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